The mission of Bipbop

Our mission: Taking core advantage of the enterprises and partners, establish the trainging mode that enterprises and the education institutions can have healthy interaction and coordinated development. At the same time, help young people to become professional in the area of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, and get a better career development.

The steps of Bipbop

Since it launched in 2016, the Bipbop professional education project has cooperated with more than 40 secondary vocational schools and has reached strategic cooperation with China Education Development Foundation (CEDF) to set up a special fund. We donate more than 10 million yuan of cash and equipment every year for training base construction, teacher construction, etc. 160 teachers are trained and thousands of students receive Bipbop training courses each year.

We cooperate with China Development And Research Foundation (CDRF) in "’win the future ‘secondary vocational schools comprehensive strength promotion plan" and support the experimental programs such as training of secondary vocational school principals, international technicians into classroom and the construction of training base.

What can Bipbop bring to us?

1. Provides the latest laboratory equipment

Electric technology laboratory, smart home laboratory, smart building laboratory, intelligent lighting laboratory

2. Provides a curriculum system that is suitable for the lab

Such as specialized courses teaching materials and teaching resources in the fields of power and energy management, intelligent lighting and intelligent manufacturing.

3. Teacher training

Schneider experts offer free teacher training

Provide school management communication and training opportunities

4. Employment opportunities

Schneider and its partners provide internships and employment opportunities for students

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