The content of cooperation

1.Improving school internship training conditions, strengthen professional construction and provide different (for different industries) laboratory equipment and curriculum solutions.Including electric _laboratory 、lighting_laboratory、living_laboratory、building _laboratory。 Schools and enterprises jointly develop related professional courses and teaching resources in the fields of power 、energy management and intelligent manufacturing.

2.Improving professionalism and employment levels-Establishing internships, training, job requirements and management systems.We Organize professional resources to improve students' professional quality and life skills in terms of career planning and development, communication skills, emotional management, and mental health.

3.Teacher training -A training model that combines theoretical teaching with corporate practice to enhance teachers' professional skills.School management provides a variety of communication and training opportunities to improve school and management.

4.Continuing Education- Invited domestic authoritative partners to jointly explore the energy efficiency management professional certification applicable to vocational school students, provide advanced learning resources and practical opportunities for vocational school teachers and students, and obtain professional certification recognized by the industry.

Electric laboratory

Introdiction of function

We use all the system of schneider electric’s Low Voltage Distribution and Industrial equipment。A small and complete low-voltage power distribution system and grounding protection system from the side of the transformer outlet to the end of the user's lighting and socket circuits are also built, and various control modes of the AC motor can also be exhibited.

Understand the working principle of the grounding system and have certain terminal power distribution design, maintenance and repair capabilities.

The goal of Talent training

Focus on cultivating senior skilled personnel engaged in the installation and commissioning of power distribution system equipment, line maintenance, motor control, and engineering project interpretation.

Course content:64 hours

Knowledge about switchboard cabinets

Understanding electrical construction drawings

Motor controling

Working principle and operation of inverter and soft starter

Working principle and operation of home system and grounding system


400v Blockset Distribution system inlet cabinet、 Capacitor compensation cabinet 、 Motor control feeder cabinet

5 Motor start demo boxes

5 Grounding system demonstration boxes

5 Grounding system demonstration boxes

5 motor control centers(New AA740)

variable-frequency Drive

soft activation device

Lighting laboratory

Introdiction of function

This laboratory use schneider electric’s lighting system to control all the laboratory of lighting eletric,and deviced schneider electric’s KNX、C-Bus lighting controling system demo station.

Design of intelligent lighting control system, line installation and equipment debugging, brightness adjustment, scene control and specific scene control requirements through the console.

Familiar with the control methods, topology and application of architectural projects of intelligent lighting control systems

The goal of Talent training

Cultivate senior skilled personnel engaged in intelligent lighting control system equipment installation, programming debugging and line maintenance, engineering project design

Course content:64 hours

C-bus system of lighting switch, Dimming control training

C-bus system of lighting curtain, Scene control training

C-bus system of lighting induction control training

KNX system of lighting switch, Dimming control training

KNX system of lighting curtain, Scene control training

KNX system of lighting induction control training


KNX Intelligent lighting control system demonstration platform

C-Bus Intelligent lighting control system demonstration platform


DALI gateway

Electric curtain

Induction probe

Auxiliary input module

KNX/C-BUS soft system

Make laboratory

Introdiction of function

This training room trains students to master the application, selection, common fault handling and simple system programming of automation products.

Based on the characteristics of the control system of the actual system, the prototype system is completely simulated through experimental teaching aids.

Through this training platform, system design, optimization, troubleshooting, etc. are completed in the case of various industrial application scenarios.

The goal of Talent training

Industry: Manufacturing, automated machinery and equipment maintenance, electrical technology and engineering, etc.

Position: technical support, service engineer, product design engineer, etc.

Course content:1000hours

M241~251 process control system

Basic motion control function training

CNC control and advanced motion control function training

LMC078 motion control system

Low-voltage electrical network and strong power protection, frequency converter, PLC basic application training

CANopen、Modbus, communication control servo, frequency conversion and data acquisition training

Intelligent monitoring system

Communication network and communication protocol basis

Factory weak wiring system and basic application of data acquisition

Intelligent manufacturing design case


M241~251‘s core process control system

L MC078 ’s core motion control system

SCADA soft’s core intelligent monitoring system

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