The meaning of Bipbop

BipBop (The acronym for Business, Innovation, People, Bottom of the Pyramid acronym). BipBop is a sustainable development project founded by Schneider electric company. It aims at ...

Bipbop professional education program

We are committed to helping young people in need to master their skills, build their lives and change their lives through sustainable school-enterprise collaboration. Supporting hu...

The mission of Bipbop

Our mission: Taking core advantage of the enterprises and partners, establish the trainging mode that enterprises and the education institutions can have healthy interaction and co...

The content of cooperation

1.Improving school internship training conditions, strengthen professional construction and provide different (for different industries) laboratory equipment and curriculum solu...



Schneider Electric’s ‘BipBop Vocational Education Program’ Holds First Annual Conference of Principals

Schneider Electric recently held its first annual conference of the principals of the “BipBop Vocational Education Program” in Beijing. At the conference, principals from more than 50 schools in the BipBop Vocational Education Program, respective leaders from the Chin...


PTS Training Session of BipBop Vocational Education Program Completed Successfully

  What's PTS Training? PTS (PASSPORT TO SUCCESS®) is a life skill education program developed and managed by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) for young trainees. The program is lectured and supported by IYF-trained and -certified adult trainers, coaches and...


Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology Held the Tripartite Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

On April 16, the People’s Government of Shizuishan, Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology held the tripartite strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the academic report hall of the school.   Many leaders from the th...

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Expert lecturer
Huei-Li, Liou
Electrical engineer, lecturer. She worked in the Steel Design Institute for 10 years and was responsible for the design of low-voltage electric drives and civil buildings.
De-Jhong, Sing
Electrical engineer, lecturer. He has worked in metallurgical cold-rolled sheet metal processing enterprises and is engaged in electrical automation professional technical work.
Cai-Jyan, Fang
Familiar: Low-voltage power distribution, lighting, automatic fire alarm system, energy monitoring system from 35kv to 220v buildings. Proficient: The design of the above systems in the building.
You-Han, Li
The teacher is not only an excellent motion control technology expert, he also brings his lifelong experience to books, bringing technical guidance to practitioners in the field of motion control.
Jian, Sun
He joined Schneider Electric in 2007 and has worked as a sales engineer, senior product testing and application engineer. Further study of KNX systems, ZigBee systems, etc.
Siao-Fang, Sun
Joined Schneider in 1997 and worked as a trainer for 10 years at Schneider. In the school, she talks about "conversion technology" and gives lectures on LVD2/LVD3/LEVAR in Schneider.
Yong, Yang
In 2006, he joined Schneider Electric and worked as an application design engineer, marketing manager and industry manager for the OEM industry. Has obtained a senior engineer qualification certificate.
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