PTS Training Session of BipBop Vocational Education Program Completed Successfully

Release date:2018.05.10 Reading volume:1942


What's PTS Training?

PTS (PASSPORT TO SUCCESS®) is a life skill education program developed and managed by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) for young trainees. The program is lectured and supported by IYF-trained and -certified adult trainers, coaches and/or veteran mentors.

The research and experience of IYF around the world indicate that life skills are important for employers and young job seekers, but always neglected. Available in 20 languages, this program has been implemented in more than 50 countries, satisfying the needs of young people, employers, youth service organizations and other stakeholders.

In order to improve the teaching skills of teachers in vocational schools and allow them to learn more effective teaching methods, a PTS training session from Schneider's BipBop Program was held on the second floor of the Schneider Electric Building on March 11-14.The trainees included 20 volunteers from Schneider Electric and 8 teachers from vocational schools in Sichuan and Guangdong, which have cooperation with the BipBop program.

This training aims to provide life skills courses and other courses lectured by PTS instructors in order to:

· Give trainers the necessary tools and knowledge to instruct PTS courses to young people.

· Enable teaching assistants (TA) to help trainers give courses smoothly.

· Provide trainers and TAs with a reliable platform to learn new skills and consolidate existing skills, so as to improve the effect of life skill courses on young people.

· Create a global learning and communication circle for trainers and TAs to share excellent cases, practical skills and experience in teaching PTS in their respective schools.

The atmosphere was lively and vivid in the training site, and the trainees also learned a lot. Now let's review the exciting moments during the PTS training.

During the 3-day training, PTS trainers shared with the trainees key skills for having active discussions with young people, ways to make efficient speeches, as well as requirements and skills for successfully conducting practice courses and the like. The PTS trainers encouraged the trainees to actively discuss and learn to study effectively in PTS courses. They also advocated preparing life skill courses by group so as to help the trainees apply new knowledge and skills in practice. After lectures, the trainers arranged the trainees to make presentations by group, which were splendid after careful preparation of the members within each group. By commenting on presentations, the trainers instructed the trainees to improve the teaching methods in combination with the characteristics of classes, so as to create training strategies suitable for their own schools and classes.

At the end of the training, the trainees shared what they gained. All the trainees successfully completed the training and were granted with certificates from the trainers. Have lived and learned together for four days, PTS trainees built up a strong friendship, and took photos together to mark the training and record their learning moments.